Welcoming during the World Championship of Eventing and Combined Driving in Italy!

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In 2022, Italy will host the World Championships in Eventing and Combined Driving at the Pratoni del Vivaro Federal Equestrian Center, located in the Castelli Romani Park near Rome, practically close to the place where we live.
We know the Vivaro Center well and the beauties and history of all the nearby towns to which we have dedicated several photographic exhibitions and which you can read all about
on our travel website in English (www.discoverplaces.travel).
In the interviews with Chinese champions and from interactions on Chinese social networks, we realized that these champions do not know Italy and Italian well and have some fears about how well they will be welcomed.
Our team is fluent in Italian, English and Chinese.
This is why we thought of making ourselves available as “relationship facilitators”. We had this experience last summer with a group of Chinese students visiting Italy and the success of the experience naturally led us to help more Chinese people who want to understand Italy and feel comfortable in our lifestyle. 2022 is also the Year of Culture and Tourism between Italy and China and what better occasion to celebrate this year also during the World Championships of Eventing and Combined Driving?

photo credits: Massimo Argenziano


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