All together for the World Championships at the Pratoni del Vivaro

Conferenza stampa Pratoni del Vivaro

Could we miss the press conference of the most important event of equestrian sports in Italy? Especially if this conference takes place in the Pratoni del Vivaro where our story began many years ago.

The occasion was the signing of the agreement for the arrangement of the Equestrian Sports Facility of Rocca di Papa between the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, the President of the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports, Marco Di Paola, and the Mayor of Rocca di Papa, Veronica Cimino. The conference was also attended by Pierluigi Sanna, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Rome.

The Pratoni del Vivaro Equestrian Center was born for the 1960 Rome Olympics and like all beautiful women it needed a makeover; and today it is as beautiful as it has ever been.

The conference was organized in a spectacular way, under the oaks with seats made from hay bales and a fan for each seeat, even if in reality the cool breeze of the Vivaro made everything easier.

And while the speakers presented the initiatives and told the story, a group of riders on horseback was their background and created a beautiful emotion.

One had the feeling that today in addition to the signature, a real pact for the development of equestrian sports has been signed with the vision of making the Vivaro an international training point of the highest level.

And our presence also brought a breath of lightness with our president who showed some of the works that have come to us from artists from all over the world.

Art, games and toys: these will be the keywords of our presence at the world championships.



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