2022: "We were all children" once Horse Toys and games exhibition

Frederick II of the Medici child on horseback

An exhibition dedicated to the games and toys of the twentieth century, the ones we all played with when we were children. Unusual board games from all over the world, tin and wooden toys, rocking horses, spring horses and tricycles, and many models that will surprise the visitor will all be exhibited.

We decided to organize this exhibition when we discovered the painting by the Flemish painter Justus Sustermans who depicts  a young Ferdinand II de Medici in a Polish style costume on his pony. An explosion of joy that reminded us how we were all children once, and how our parents bought and created games for us to enjoy.

Our exhibition "We were all children once" will be held in the Rocca Priora Library from the beginning of August until the end of September !!

An opportunity to take a dive into the past, because we have all played with horses and we are sure that even the great champions of horsemanship will recognize some of their favorite games.

The exhibition will be linked to a chess laboratory so that everyone can find their own”Move of the Horse”.

Discover the Sections of our Exhibition

rocking horses

Rocking horses, the first dream of galloping through green grass fields

Horse riding in miniature

Horse riding in miniature: how fantasy transforms into reality

wheeled horse

The first means of transport for every child: the wheeled horse!

vintage tin toys

An unbeatable vintage game: the tin horse!

Barber chair with horse head for the little ones

The children's riding armchairs at the barber's

bettings and  racings

The stories of horse racing and betting told through table games

pulled horse

The common thread is the magic of the towable horse, a tireless playmate


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