2020: Cavalli a Roma (Horses in Rome), 13th to 16th of February

Our exhibition “Freedom and the Horse” moves inside the “Fiera di Roma” exhibition complex, where during the fair we are present as Horse Museum Foundation with a program of activities, workshops open to all, to teach everybody the amazing world of equestrian sports and horses. The 14th is dedicated to an impromptu art class by the San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph) Fine Arts Highschool of Grottaferrata.  

2020: Presentation of the Book “Oltre la Grande Muraglia” (Beyond the Great Wall of China)

During the running of our exhibition “Freedom and the Horse” we presented the book “Oltre la Grande Muraglia” (Beyond the Great Wall of China) together with its author, the Ambassador Alberto Bradanini.

2019: "Freedom and the Horse" Exhibition

An exhibition organized inside the Polo Museale of Rocca Priora, to let kids of the surrounding town experience and explore the “horse world”. The exhibition was curated by Chiara Rossi, and ran together with a catalogue translated in 3 languages: Italian, English and Chinese, an homage made by us honouring 2020, the year of Chinese and Italian culture and tourism relations. During the running of the exhibition the library of the Polo Museale organized an array of activities for kids, dedicated to learning.


In July we went to the notary to create our Foundation, and to start a new life alongside the already existing horse collection. Bruno Grassetti became part of this family, as a member of the board of directors 

2018: "Horses, a family affair"

Selected pieces from our collection have been exhibited inside the “Casina Raffaello” – inside the Villa Borghese park, during the International Horse Riding Championship of Piazza di Siena. The exhibition was curated by Serena Borghesani and was accompanied by an English and Italian catalogue. During the running of the exhibition, Zetema Company organized activities and learning workshops for kids.

2017: "Horses, from Myth to Games" Exhibition

Our horse collection has been displayed inside the “Toys Museum of Palazzo Rospigliosi” in Zagarolo. The selection of the collection pieces and the preparation of the exhibition was curated by Serena Borghesani, director of the museum.


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