2021: Virtual Exhibition " Children, horses and toys "

Horse Games

The Event of the year for this 2021, is our exhibition "Children, horses and toys", that we’re going to carry out in a virtual version, due to Covid but it will be no less important !! In its collection, the Horse Museum Foundation has many games dedicated to children and we want to show them.Through small videos we will let you enter our world and let you discover some of our pieces.We already want thank our little friend Lavinia, who played some games for us !!She came to visit our museum where we organized a small back stage to create our videos, some little gems that will give you special emotions!

Click on the images and find out how to have fun with the horse

Pupa Vintage Carillon Carousel with Horses

Charming ladies with horses

Carousel-shaped trousse with Carousel of horses and music box that hides everything you need for make-up inside. A piece that could not be missing for a collection born from the love of a mother and her daughter for horses.And what better gift can a mother give to a daughter than a super giant cosmetic bag with a music box !!
The piece was purchased in Frascati

Soldier on horseback with wheels

Playing with a Toy soldier on a horse!

How can you resist an object with wheels, a toy car or a pickup truck? And here is a soldier on horseback just waiting to be pushed!The fairly dated piece was bought in Amsterdam at the children's market on the Queen's birthday.

Yoyo with horses and rattles

Up and down, like a yo yo!

Who among us has never played with a yo-yo? This is a very interesting and fascinating piece. It almost evokes a circus, and while the horses rotate they also go up and down. An explosion of colors!

It was bought in Montreux in Switzerland during the famous Christmas markets.
Carousel of tin horses with charge

A special tin carousel

The magic of our grandparents' games !!
This piece from the collection was purchased in Munich, Germany

Tin cowboy with lasso with hand charge

Who wouldn’t want to throw a lasso?

Thanks to a charge given by a key, this tin cowboy rotates its lasso, while the horse moves its tail quickly. A piece from the Collection purchased in Amsterdam at the children's market on the Queen's birthday, when all Dutch are allowed to sell their stuff on the street.
Whistle called Tuscan cucco in the shape of a horse

Whistle on a horse, whistle with a horse!

An artistic whistle that takes inspiration from an ancient Tuscan custom. They were called cucchi and since the Etruscan period they were part of the funerary objects included in a burial.This is in the shape of a Horse and can be played in various parts. Seeing is believing. This piece from the collection was purchased in Florence

Three-dimensional horse wood puzzle

Puzzles have always captured the curiosity of children

A different and three-dimensional wooden puzzle that engages kids in its realization. Find out how our Lavinia managed to complete it.
This piece from the collection was purchased in Augsburg in Germany.

Mom and Foal Horse Puzzle

A special puzzle, all about moms

From the foal to the mother mare, a small but cute puzzle in which the two horses are integrated: one is part of the other. A piece to play but also to underline the deep bond between a mother and her children.
This piece from the collection was purchased in London.

Plush horse with wheelchair wheels

Come on! Push that stroller little foal!

A plush horse on wheels that was used by children as a pram to take the puppy for a walk. The horse appears with saddle and reins ready for a nice ride.

The piece from the Collection was purchased in a flea market in Brussels.
Plastic horse with anatomical structure

To learn together with a horse, how wonderful!

A plastic horse to study its bone structure. We can understand the complexity but also the work of the vet we call whenever the horse is not feeling well.

This piece in the collection was purchased from Tiger.
Electric track with seats from horse racing on the trot

A racetrack with horses and carriers!

Electric track with seats (sulky) for racing and horses that challenge each other at the trot. The electric track is a toy that dates back to the 1960s and which works thanks to a transformer attached to the power socket. In their race, the horses move their legs and the effect is very playful.
A new piece of the collection bought  from an enthusiast on the internet.

Music box with horses

A special music box, that takes us back in time!

A special carillon that takes up the ancient tradition of the Bavarian brewers. A wonderfully decorated horse-drawn carriage to distribute beer in the various villages of Bavaria with the colors of the region printed on the roof tent.

This piece from the collection was purchased in Munich, Germany.

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