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Groom School di Horse Museum
photo credits: Massimo Argenziano

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Groom School di Horse Museum

The Horse Museum Foundation is based on the relationship between man and horse and consequently we have considered the role of the Groom. 

The Horse Museum Foundation Groom School is available to grooms that would like to improve their skills and experiences about the management of horses trained for the top level  competitions around the world. 

“Victories are built in the stable“.. this expression perfectly means the role that  a professional groom plays within the TEAM of each rider-horse duo. 

The groom's environment can make the difference in achieving sporting goals. 

Professional grooms spend a lot of time with the horses - both at home and during competitions - due to this,  they  understand what each horse needs and  can recognize immediately when there is something wrong with the horse.

I can  say that the groom has an essential role in creating and maintaining the physical and mental well-being of the competition horses. This is why we chose to create the Horse Museum Groom School.

The Groom School approach

The Groom School approach is the result of high level grooms’ experiences combined with the Horse Museum Foundation aim of promoting the connection between horse and child through art. Equestrian sports are a way of self-expression as the artistic disciplines are too.

The Groom School director is Monica Carosi. She was awarded for her job at the European Eventing Championship and she graduated in Equine Science and Technique too. Among our teachers there are Francesca Ramazzotti and Gaia Ventura, world renowned Grooms, that have worked in the Olympics and the World Equestrian Games. 

We are a travelling school that organizes courses within equestrian centers, selecting only the right places to host our Groom School.

The training programme is divided into 3 stages and classes will be made by  10 - 15 students to guarantee the necessary attention to each one. We are giving more importance to quality above quantity. 

There is a test at the beginning of each stage. The first one is necessary to give us an idea of what level the students are at.

 The end of the course is celebrated with a proclamation ceremony.

Training post-course

Horse Museum Foundation organizes grooming clinics lasting 10 days in Europe for the grooms who have already taken part in our Groom School.

Clinics give  the opportunity to work alongside a professional Groom Tutor during an equestrian competition so that the apprentice can learn more about how to manage time and  how to work under pressure in the course of an international equestrian event.


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