'Love at first sight', Yasmin Ingham, Queen Elizabeth's pony, the Indian painter, Gurubee's sensitivity and Alex Hua Tien's heart

pittore Indiano ai Pratoni del Vivaro

Gurubee at Horse Museum

'Love at first sight', Yasmin Ingham, Queen Elizabeth's pony, the Indian painter, the sensitivity of Gurubee and the heart of Alex Hua Tien, this could be the extreme synthesis of the presence of Horse Museum at the World Championships Pratoni del Vivaro of Rocca di Papa.

We could not miss the appointment of the Pratoni del Vivaro where we lived and where our collection (and our equestrian history) began. We have worked for over a year to bring our two souls, the playful one of vintage games and the one of art.

Thanks to the Lazio Region, we had a space in the competition area where we exhibited the 'Love at First Sight' exhibition, born from a collaboration with the Paard Verzameld Collective of Amsterdam. 23 international artists painted their first lightning encounter with horses and we set up a corner where we interviewed fans about their first love with horses.

The inauguration of the exhibition took place in the evocative Geophysical Museum of Rocca di Papa and will be re-proposed in an event in the municipality as a corollary of the sporting events.

The interviews on first love had been inaugurated during the pandemic with the great Alex Hua Tien, a rider with a generous heart and an engaging smile, who had told us about his life as a child in the stable following his English mother and Chinese father. We met Alex Hua Tien live at Pratoni del Vivaro and there will be surprises for next year (we are already working on 2023 but it is still a secret). Thanks Alex for your availability.

Alex Hua Tien ai Pratoni del Vivaro

Alex Hua Tien at Horse Museum

The secluded position of our exhibition has allowed us to establish deep relationships, sometimes intriguing, and to share feelings with our visitors. Like the one with a group of fans of the English team and especially with Fiona who still had tears in her eyes when she said that her pony had been bought by Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

Or the story of the father of the Indian rider Fouaad Mirza, a Bangalore veterinarian, trainer and also an artist who loves to paint horses. From the many things that unite us, we believe that this is the beginning of a long collaboration with India. And among the parents of the riders, even the father of the great Michael Jung told us about his love for horses.

But speaking about dads, let me dedicate a space to the story of the dad of Veronica Cimino, the pugnacious mayor of Rocca di Papa as well as hostess in the center of the Pratoni del Vivaro which hosts the world championships.

A nice surprise came to us from the institutions with the president of the Lazio region Nicola Zingaretti, who used our image in his communication together with the president of the FISE Marco di Paola, and from Alessia Pieretti, delegate for tourism of the Metropolitan City of Rome, who won a Pentathlon World Cup winner and can't stop loving horses.

But we know it well, once you get to know the horses you can't leave them.

Vincitrice Yasmin Ingham

Yasmin Ingham at Horse Museum

Our exhibition has been visited by Australians, Swedes, Germans, Canadians, Brazilians, Americans and each one has left a precious story of his/her love story.

Perhaps the most touching was with Gurubee, Boyd Martin's mental coach of the American team. While the show jumping final was on - that would decree the winners - the exhibitor’s area was frequented only by noisy children. At one point I saw a great Egyptian gentleman with a turban and with a look that penetrated crossed my soul, he was wandering smiling around the stands.

I stopped him and took him to our corner and immediately we found ourselves on the same vibrational wavelength. The interview was a chat of over 10 minutes about life, horses and soul which was a lesson for living peacefully, and also for helping champions to face sporting challenges together with their horse. We recorded Gurubee's life lesson and will soon publish it on Instagram. I'm sure we will continue our chats as horses have saved our lives and taken us to another level of spirituality. Thanks Gurubee.

The youngest interviewed was a 5-year-old girl while she rocked on one of our rocking horses with her mom beside her. Marta absolutely wanted to tell that she was already riding a horse and that ponies are for small children and not for her. Good luck to parents who certainly won't be bored with such a lively little girl.

The most heart-breaking story was that of a racing horse trainer from Capannelle while the most recent one concerns a volunteer who had only known the world of horses with this event.

You can watch more than 100 'Love at first sight' stories from veterinarians, breeders, supporters, owners and riders by following us on our social networks where we will publish them in the coming days.

The last interview was with the new world champion Yasmin Ingham during the celebrations for her victory. A young English girl of 25 who has shown her generosity also with Horse Museum by dedicating precious time to us.

You can find other paintings from our collection on display at the Geophysical Museum of Rocca di Papa during the events of the Fuori Mondiale - Off World Cup.

In the meantime, see you next week with the World Championship of Driving and a greeting to our two splendid neighbouring stands, Luisa Blasi and her mother Letizia, two girls who have transformed their passion for horses by opening a fashion house dedicated to equestrian sports (Elle Riding).


Zingaretti e Di Paola insieme ai Pratoni del Vivaro

The President of the Lazio Region Zingaretti and the President of FISE Di Paola at Horse Museum


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