Fieracavalli 2023: Galloping into the Heart of Equestrian Art

Horse Museum Foundation Fiera Cavalli 2023

Well, yes, dear friends, I have just returned from my trip to Fieracavalli, and what can I say other than that it was an all-round breathtaking experience in the fascinating world of horses!

It was a journey immersed 360 degrees in equestrian culture: from mini ponies to the culture of the Arabian horse, from Italian horse breeds to majestic Spanish horses, up to American horses ready to race in the barrel. I walked through the entire fair, from the first to the twelfth pavilion, and every stop was a surprise!

But let me tell you about the numbers, friends! Fieracavalli 2023 confirmed the numbers of the previous edition with 140 thousand spectators from 60 different nations and more than 700 exhibiting companies from 25 countries, united by a common passion for the equestrian world. A truly global gallop!

The 125th edition confirmed its leading role in the national equestrian community, with four ministers crossing the doors of the fair: Agriculture, Tourism, Sport, and Disability. But the real star was the world trotting legend, Varenne, who received a well-deserved lifetime achievement award from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Fieracavalli 2023 was characterized by unforgettable events. From the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup TM to the ARTè Golden Gala, to the FISE competitions, where we made friends with the new friends of 'Save a Horse'. We couldn't miss the over 200 scheduled events, including competitions, shows, and conferences

Horse Museum Foundation Fiera Cavalli 2023
Horse Museum Foundation Fiera Cavalli 2023

Ma tornando all’arte del cavallo…

Fiercavalli 2023 was the protagonist thanks also to the incredible press campaign signed by Toni Thorimbert, with nine shots celebrating men and women linked by a unique passion: the horse. What can I say... pure emotion: each photograph tells pieces of the soul.

But that's not all: on November 11, 2023, Fieracavalli celebrated 125 years by experiencing a magical moment with the presentation of "Scall Triade," a dynamic work by Federico Ferrarini: in this creation, three horses rise towards a cosmic future, symbolizing growth and evolution over the years of the Horse Fair.

Federico transformed the futurist horse into an artistic trilogy in marble, which embodies the Italian colors while continuing to guide the public on a fascinating journey between color, horse, and cosmos. His participation made the 125th anniversary of Fieracavalli memorable.

My journey ended with ART è: the Fieracavalli Golden Gala, dedicated this year to the horse as man's faithful companion and to artistic representations of him. But not just the grandeur of the show. My gaze was captivated right from the doors of the gala when I glimpsed the work of Antonio Giarola: a wonderful painting of a horse with its mane in relief thanks to the pages of Antinous' 'Epigrams of Love'. Our Instagram post honoring him reads:

'This love sighs

And it throbs

In the burning heart

Every breathing moment'

Horse Museum Foundation Fiera Cavalli 2023
Horse Museum Foundation Fiera Cavalli 2023

And what about the Gala evenings? An all-round festival, with themes dedicated to social sustainability and inclusiveness. From the fight against violence against women to support for children with cancer, Fieracavalli has demonstrated its constant commitment to the most vulnerable.

Finally, a special greeting to Michi Grassi: a great painter who continues with his tenacity to make his way among the strongest, learning and taking inspiration for some of his new masterpieces. Congratulations, Michi!

What else to say… Fieracavalli continues to be the magical place where horses, enthusiasts, and curious people meet, creating an explosive mix of emotions and equestrian charm.

And for those wondering where it all began, well, the first Fieracavalli in the world dates back to 1898, with a breed fair that made history. Since then, each edition has been an unstoppable gallop into the extraordinary world of the equestrian universe.

If Fieracavalli is the event that we all wait for during the year and that we cannot do without, it is thanks to Maria Baleri, the undisputed director of the entire event. I couldn't describe her in a few words, but I can only tell you that she is a warrior, who, despite the tenacity of being a leader, has the sweetest sensitivity in the world. If you had the opportunity to meet her, you should consider yourself truly lucky. And next to her is always sweet Amira; I will never stop thanking you for what you do for this world and for showing everyone what it means to never stop believing in her dreams. Without you, Fieracavalli wouldn't have that pinch of madness that serves to ignite the magic.

Personally, I would also like to thank Chiara Castellini, the number 1 fan of all our projects with the Horse Museum Foundation. Without her, I wouldn't be here writing this article. Thank you for believing in me, for pushing me beyond every limit, and for igniting my dreams for horses... who, despite the setbacks, the falls, the struggles to spread our love, continue to be the lifeblood. To a thousand events together!

And what do we do now? Finally, we have some projects to work on until the next Fieracavalli…. In the meantime, I can't wait to dive into this equestrian adventure once again next year when Fieracavalli returns from November 7 to 10, 2024. My friends, see you all together!

"Equus Mirabilis" - Antinoo 2023

Horse Museum Foundation Fiera Cavalli 2023  Equus Mirabilis - Antinoo

Maria , Amira , e Chiara

Horse Museum Foundation Fiera Cavalli 2023

Michi Grassi

Horse Museum Foundation  Michi Grassi a Fiera Cavalli 2023

Toni Thorimbert's photo

Horse Museum Foundation  Toni Thorimbert  a Fiera Cavalli 2023


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